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       Do you need to prepare the HUD-1 or HUD-1A Closing Statements, or HUD Good Faith Estimates?  Do you hate loading and learning new software programs?  Do you normally work in Microsoft Word?  Well, if you do, then the Form Document Templates are designed with you in mind for your Real Estate Closing and Mortgage Loan document needs.

       We're, a service of Midland Business Services, Inc.  A while back a Real Estate attorney friend complained that it was a major undertaking to prepare the HUD–1 and HUD-1A closing statements.  He and his staff had bought, downloaded, installed, trained, and subsequently abandoned each "easy" closing statement software program designed to streamline the task.

       His office was frustrated!  They wanted a set of forms, documents, or templates that could be used right in Microsoft Word.  They wanted to be able to work on, save, and update each document with it's own name, on the storage location of their choosing.  The advent of portable storage devices made this even more imperative.  They wanted to be able to share documents, and print them out to any attached printer or a PDF file for emailing.  Just something plain, simple, and efficient.

       We listened to his frustrations and created the concept of the Form Document Template (FDT) products you'll find here.  Each FDT operates completely within Microsoft Word, so there is no software to load, user manual to read and understand, and hence no learning curve.  And, because each FDT is a complete Word document it:

Can be used by any number of people within the office,
Can be printed to any printer,
Can be printed as a PDF file for emailing,
Can be saved as a unique file with the protections, tracking, and naming convention that you choose,
Displays the entire form on the screen in a scrollable format,
Allows information to be entered from your keyboard as it would be typed on the form itself,
Does all the math related to the form, and calculations are updated on command and prior to printing, and
Each form is completely self contained requiring no other MS Word templates.

So browse through the FDT products (below), download a trial copy, and give them a try.

HUD-1 Form Document Template
HUD-1A Form Document Template
Good Faith Estimate Form Document Template

We are so sure that you'll be just as satisfied with the results of our Form Document Templates that we've also provided these links to many of Our Competitor Products for comparison.

Thank You for your interest,
A Service of Midland Business Services, Inc.