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Who We Are....
       We're, a service of Midland Business Services, Inc.  Years ago a Real Estate attorney friend complained that it was a major undertaking to prepare the HUD‑1, and HUD‑1A closing statements.  He and his staff had bought, downloaded, installed, trained, and subsequently abandoned each closing statement software program designed to streamline the task.

       His office was frustrated!  They wanted a set of forms, documents, or templates that could be used right in Microsoft Word.  They wanted to be able to work on, save, and update each document with it's own name, on the storage location of their choosing.  The advent of portable storage devices made this even more imperative.  They wanted to be able to share documents, and print them out to any attached printer or a PDF file for emailing.  Just something plain, simple, and efficient.

       We listened to his frustrations and researched the available software and web-based products for him. Most of the software packages and services you will find listed - now - as our competition.  We found almost nothing that met his office needs.  So we then created the Form Document Template (FDT) concept and products you'll find on this web site.

       Since then, at the request of several banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions, we have developed the HUD-GFE and Truth-In-Lending forms to help the lending industry, and improved our products at the suggestion of our customers.

       Our goal is to first listen to our customers and understand their needs. We then research the commercially available solutions and present our findings to them. If those solutions do not meet their needs, then we work with our customers to provide simple, inexpensive, functional, and often free, office data and document solutions, samples, and templates.  We know how hard you work at your jobs, our goal is to make your job easier and more efficient.

Thank You,

G. A. Calabrese
Midland Business Services, Inc.